Army arrests activists

Yesterday evening, three artists were arrested when putting this poster, calling for the demonstration tomorrow, also an activist of 6th april movement. The are at military prosecution right now (5:40 pm). The last hours there were notices about activists distributing flyers being arrested by the military police at Tahrir Square and in the streets around, if this is true and how many are arrested is not known so far. There was one guy arrested in Mansoura too. According to some Tweets the will be brought to military prosecution. At least one known activist was warned he would be arrested today.

For weeks protesters and some parties call for a million-man-protest, a second „friday of anger“ may 27th. The mobilization video shows statements of the ruling Surpreme Council of Armed Forces – there were no human rights abuses, we never shot at protesters – as well as the truth: protesters who were tortured at the Egyptian Museum march 9th, soldiers shooting at protesters at Tahrir Square april 9th. There exist different calls for the protests as well as different lists of demands, some include economic demands, others, like the one of the movement of 6april, concentrate on political ones. They all reject the way the SCAF is governing the country: the emergency law, military trials for civilians, no persecution for police-men or soldiers who tortured or killed protesters, violent attacks on protests and strikes. See also the last post about the #noscaf-day and the blog post of Sandmonkey, why especially the „common people“ would have a lot of reasons to go back to the square to save the revolution: there is no economic plan, no way to end corruption, no transparency in politics: “

Update (7pm): The three artists are out.

Update (10pm): The activist from Mansoura is out too.

Update (0.30 am, may27): The activist from 6th april movement is free.

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