News from SCAF and friends – May 27 II

Countdown. Today, May 27 another million-man-march is planned, 21 political parties, the youth organizations and unorganized activists call to go back to Tahrir Square that day to „save the revolution“.

The not supporters
The more important parties and the Muslim Brotherhood do not support the call this time, the argue that going on with protests will destroy the economy and the country and that the protest will divide the people and the army. In fact, organization like the radical-islamistic Muslimbrothers benefit from the actual situation where a lot of people feel insecure and call for strict rules and a strong government, they will be one of the groups who profits most from early elections like the ones planned for september – unless the many small parties still to be founded, they are well organized and have enough money, so they are expected to gain a lot of seats. The groups calling for a „second revolution“ for this friday want te elections to be postponed and the election law to be changed, at the moment Egyptians abroad are not allowed to vote, Egyptians with a foreign parent either. Muslim Brotherhood announced to organize protests against the protests in Alexandria. Also some salafi groups told the Newspaper Al-Masr Al-Youm they consider the protesters atheist and infidel. A human rights network accused the Muslimbrotherhood of agitating against the young protesters. The youth organiziation of the Muslim Brothers indeed announced to take part in the march – against the decision of their leaders.

The supporters
Under the supportes of the call are the 6 April Youth movement, the Coalition of Revolutionary Youth, Al-Masry Al-Hurr, ElBaradei Campaign, the Egyptian movement for change, the Maspero Copts movement, the Muslim Brotherhood Youth wing and presidential candidate Bothaina Kamel. A lot of young protesters not belonging to any group or party are expected to take part – on a facebook page with an anonymous group’s call 30 000 ppl confirmed their participation. In an article on Ahram Online more information about supporting groups and the protest planned in Suez and Alexandria.

The army
In his statement n° 58, released on its facebook page, the Surpreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), repeats (and repeats and repeats) that it is part of the people, never would use force against the amazing youth of this wunderful country and never ever shoot at protesters. The rare part is point 3: the army announces that on friday it will not be there, that means it will neither protect or secure the protests nor the streets nor any infrastructure. Because, as the army argues, if we are around, people will tell again that we are shooting against them. Aha(r).
So the SCAF warns the youth of the revolution that infiltring elements could make problems on friday and split army and people (even more). Beside, it trusts fully in the youth of the revolution that they can protect themselves and also infrastructure, streets, shops and everything else.
So…when are they going to open the prisons again?
Many protesters, of course, regard the statement 58 as an announcement that this time not the army but baltagiyyas will attac them.

a second statement of the army regarding may 27:
„Egyptian citizens should respect the anti-protest law and ask for permission before going to a protest, giving the reason and place of the protest before they head out, says Mamdouh Shaheen, assistant to the Minister of Defence today.“ (Ahram online, may 26)

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