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SCAF II: Lies & Live ammunition

In his release N° 55, the Surpreme Council of Armed Forces, writes:

„1. In these days the media is repeating lies that the Armed Forces were shooting against protesters and attacking protests and demonstrations. The SCAF has said before that the Armed Forces will not shoot against protesters or use force against the revolutionaries or any other civil person of this amazing country. Because, if we would do so, only God would know the consequences. We emphasise that we are part of the people and we are its protector against dangers from inside and outside.“ …

The good thing about releasing such announcements on a facebook-page is that comments can be added right below – together with videos and picture that proof the opposite of the statement of the SCAF…
Showing that they indeed used live ammunition against protesters at least twice:

1. The 9th of april when they dispersed protests on Tahrir Square at 3 am and were also shooting for several hours in the streets in downtown. According to eyewitnesses and human rights organization between 3 and 7 persons were killed#, at least one person was shot in a street one block from downtown according to eyewitnesses.
The egyptian media still doesn‘t report anything about this event.

- four videos, filmed from a building beside the square (Youtube, „Tahrir Attack“), 1, 2, 3, 4
- more videos on youtube about the attac
- video-reports from Al Jazeera and Al Masr Al Youm.

International articles in New York Times and BBC (the death toll varies from source to source).

2. The 15th of May when police and army dispersed protests in front of the Israelien embassy. Official sources said protesters tried to attack the embassy. Indeed, the sources I have found and all protesters I have talk too say that there was no one to attack or burn the embassy, people didn‘t even cross the wires the army had put around the building. Army and police used high amounts of teargas, fired rubber bullets and live ammonition. According to the ministry of health, at least 353 protesters were injured. One person was shot in the stomach, one in the head. There are reports about three person being shot, for latest news…

Videos & Articles coming soon…

Tahrir in Madrid

Wow! The Revolution is spreading! Now Madrid looks like Cairo
May they be as succesfull as the egyptians were…

Wow! Die Revolution breitet sich aus! Jetzt sieht Madrid wie Kairo aus…große Freude darüber hier.
Hoffen wir, dass die Spanier_innen ebenso erfolgreich wie die Ägypter_innen sind…


Best of SCAF I: SCAF and the Black Bloc

deutsch unten / german below

Since it created its own facebook page in february the Egyptian Armed forces regularly public their announcements there.

Today SCAF and the Black bloc

In its announcement without number the Surpreme council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) writes:

„That right to demonstrated is guaranteed as long as the demonstraters not resume to non-Egyptian demonstration cultures that enter the country from outside, such as to wear black uniforms during demonstrations“

No the big question: Is this a really good fake or it it a real one?

Seit sie im Februar ihre eigene Facebook-Seite bekommen hat, veröffentlicht die ägyptische Armee regelmäßig Erklärungen dort.

Heute: SCAF und der Schwarze Block

In ihrer Erklärung ohne Nummer schreibt der Militärrat (SCAF):

„Das Recht zu demonstrieren wird gewährleistet solange die Demonstrierenden nicht auf nicht-ägyptische Demonstrationskulturen zurückgreifen, die von außen ins Land gelangen, wie sich bei Demonstrationen einheitlich schwarz zu kleiden.“

Nun die große Frage: Ist das eine richtig gute Fälschung, die jemand auf die offizielle SCAF-Seite gepackt hat? Oder tatsächlich echt? Man weiß ja nie was man dem Militär so zutrauen kann…

Those above

Deutsch unten / German below

Suzanne Mubarak was set free yesterday after paying 24 billion EP (2,8 Millionen Euro). Now also Fathi Sorour, speaker of the parliament since 1990 and Zakaria Azmi, Mubarak’s chief of staff, were released. For a few days rumours are spreading that Mubarak is planning to apologize and pledge for amnesty. The military council denied on Wednesday, saying it would not interfere in any juridical affair.

Is Egypt’s judiciary ready to try corrupt former officials? asks the newspaper Al-Masr Al-Youm (English Edition).

„Suzanne, Sorour and Azmi…I almost think the Revolution was just a rumour“ (Mustafa Shohaieb)

Suzanne Mubarak, Frau des Ex-Präsidenten wurde freigelassen nach der Zahlung von 24 Millionen EP (rund 2,8 Millionen Euro). Jetzt weitere Neuigkeiten aus den Gerichtssäalen: Auch Fathi Sorour, Parlamentssprecher seit 1990 und Zakaria Azmi, Mubaraks Stabschef und rechte Hand, sind wieder frei. Zudem gehen seit einigen Tagen Gerüchte um, Mubarak würde eine Entschuldigung vorbereiten und um Anmnestie bitten. Das Militär hat am Mittwoch dementiert dass eine solche in Betracht ziehen würde, aus juristischen Kreisen hieß es hingegen, dass dies durchaus möglich sei.

Ist Ägyptens Rechtswesen tatsächlich bereit mit korrupten ehemaligen Staatsdienern umzugehen, fragt die Zeitung Al-Masr Al-Youm in einem Artikel über Korruption und politische Verstrickung der Richter.

„Suzanne, Sorour und Azmi…Ich glaube langsam fast die Revolution war nur ein Gerücht“ (Mustafa Shohaieb)

Fights about a the flag

Fights along the Israelian border in Syria and Libanon, many people shot, more injured, Israelian tanks entering Libanon and Syria (watch AlJazeera or any other news channel to get the information about things going on there) – a bloody Nakba-day as the day of the foundation of Israel is called in the countries around. And bloody also in Cairo: There, a few thousand mostly young people gathered in the afternoon in front of the israelian embassy. News reports say that they wanted to break in and wanted to burn the embassy or take down the flag, other say ppl wanted to enter because the riot-police had brought three protesters there they had arrested before.

Around 9 pm the police and armee started shooting teargas and live ammunition, later the army went in with tanks. Some protesters throw stones, according to the Health ministry over 350 are injured, many by bullets, others suffered problems due to the high amount of teargas. There were reports about two dead protesters last night, one shot in the head, one killed by a CSF-car. This morning, news agency AP spoke about 3 persons killed. Al-Jazeera reports one protester, Atef Yehya, was shot in the head and remained in critical condition, while another, Ali Khalaf, was shot in the abdomen and believed to be stable.

The army arrested about 200 people during the fights and the night, one woman, saying she was the only female, got free. According to her, also a 8-year-old boy was arrested. One of the arrested is the blogger Tarek Shalaby.

There is lot of material about the happenings in front of the israelien embassy online:
Blogposts from Zenobia and 3arabawy (there also a lot of photos and videos) an interesting video about the happenings, fotos and videos also found on the facebook page of Gigi Ibrahim. Tarek Shalawy broadcasted live till he was arrested.

Maspiro (and the media)

- New clashes between muslims and christians – sectarian violence – two people die in fights between muslims and copts at maspiro –

The media, the national and the international one is full of that shit!!! But from all information that I can get at the moment from friends and through Twitter and from what I have seen there the last days, it seems pretty clear that what happened at Maspiro yesterday were no sectarian clashes. Points to be mentioned:

1. The protest in front of the TV-building was started by copts after the clashes in Imbaba with 15 deads and more than 200 injured. Later also muslims and a lot of young protesters joined. The sit-in was definitely not against muslims, religion didn‘t even play an important role during the protest. It was to a big part against the army and the police. People were shouting: „Muslims and Christians one hand“, „Down with Tantawi“, „The people want Tantawi to go“, called for the inmediate release of all prisoners and a civil government. The protest was well organized and peaceful, people were controlled when entering the area, blankets were given out at night, many young protesters joining said to me: „The sit-in lookes a lot like the one on Tahrir“, „They are shouting the same slogans as during the revolution.“

2. The coptic leaders did not support the protest, they called the christians to leave. Today, Sunday 15th, the coptic pope Shnouda III called the protesters to end their strike inmediately: „You will be the loosers if you go on protesting there“ he said.

3. The protesters at Maspiro were attacked by about 500 thugs in the late afternoon. This was confirmed by all eyewitnesses, none of them had any information that there were radical muslims involved, all agreed that they were professional thugs. They attacked with guns and Molotov-Coctails from the 6th-of-Octuber bridge first, then came down and had some nasty fights with the protesters. According to Reuters two people did, Egyptian health ministry said 58 got injured. Official sources talk about 50 people being arrested, 10 cars burned. Also interesting: Protesters who caught one of the thugs found a NPD-ID with him.

4. The police did not hinder the thugs attacking the crowd. It is also important to know that there were fights between the Maspiro-protesters and the Central-Security-Police who was there with several hundred persons all along the last days. The police from time to time pushed into the protest, graped a single person who was being arrested, protested ran there, shouting till the police went back.

5. Around 11pm the army arrived. Tanks on the Octuber-Bridge, the scene could be seen live on OnTV. Army fired tear-gas and smoke bombs. Shoutings could be heared in whole downtown, it is not clear if the were shouting in the air or also on protesters. On TV, there could be seen who protesters run away in panik when soldiers are firing, you also see clearly the blue lights of the shots.

6. No information so far about the arrested. Are they protesters or thugs or both? Will they be trialed by a military court as so many protesters arrested before?

Vor der Attacke: Protest am Nilufer in Maspiro, Foto: Salmasaid/Flickr

From all this…

this lookes a lot like the now well-known strategie of the army to get rid of unliked protests: First to let thugs in to do the dirty work and then come after some hours to „rescue“ or „protect“ people – and disperse the protest and arrest not only the thugs (if they are arrested at all) but also the protesters. Seen exactly like this the 9th of march when thugs and the army cleaned Tahrir Square from the protester’s camp. And it’s not a casuality that activists who where in Maspiro call it Camel battle II: Also in the famous Camel battle the 2 of february professional thugs attacked protesters, injured and killed many of them.


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From Cairo to Gaza (and back)

Deutsche Version unten / German below

Several thousand activists prepared the last days to travel to Gaza on Friday or Saturday for the 15th of may, the so-called Nakba-day (catastrophe), anniversary of the foundation of the state of Israel. Palestinian activists had called for a „third intifada“, protesters from different arab countries, especially Egypt and Tunisia, wanted to join to support them.

Friday several political groups called for a „march of unity“ on Tahrir Square after the violent clashes between copts and radical muslims in Imbaba last week. But there wasn‘t much seen of this in Tahrir that Friday, instead, palestinian flags and chants against Israel and for the freedom for Palestine everywhere.

Saturday morning, at 9 am, busses were planned to leave Tahrir Square to bring protesters to Gaza. Several thousand already gathering two days earlier on Sinai. But the Egyptian army closed the borders. A few ones passed to Gaza, most peoples who tried to get there Friday and Saturday came back ’cause they couldn‘t enter.

Around 100 gathered at the Israelian embassy in Cairo in the afternoon. The embassy is situated in the highest floor of a half-rotten building near Cairo University Bridge, only a small flag on the top of the building can be seen. Young men and women, many of them just back from Rafah, shouted against Israel and the army who was standing between them and the embassy. „We want to burn the embassy“, „we want to support our brothers in gaza but the army is standing between us“, „Allahu akbar“. A self-drawn israelian flag is burned. Around 7pm it is getting more quiet, people tired from shouting and the long day on the road…

Einige Tausend Aktivisten aus Ägypten haben sich während der letzten Tage vorbereitet, Samstag in Richtung Gaza zu reisen, für den sogenannten Nakba-Tag (Katastrophentag) am 15. Mai, dem Gründungstag des Staates Israel. Palästinensische Aktivisten hatten für diesen Tag schon vor Wochen zu einer „dritten Intifada“ aufgerufen, Protestierenden aus verschiedenen arabischen Ländern, viele aus Tunesien und Ägypten, wollten hinreisen um die Palästinenser bei ihrem Aufstand zu unterstützen.

Für Freitag hatten verschiedene politische Gruppen zu einer „Demonstration der Einheit“ auf den Tahrir-Platz gerufen, damit sollte der Zusammenhalt zwischen Christien und Muslimen gezeigt werden nach den gewaltsamen Zusammenstößen zwischen Kopten und radikalen Muslimen in Imbaba letzte Woche. Doch von der Demonstration der Einheit war am Freitag nicht viel zu sehen – statt dessen quoll der Platz über von palästinensischen Flaggen (deutlich mehr als ägyptische!), überall erschallen Rufe gegen Israel und für ein freies Palästina. Das Publikum ist ein deutlich anderes als sonst an den Freitagen auf dem Platz: deutlich mehr Männer, älter, subjektiv deutlich aggressiver und weniger tolerant als bei den Tahrir-Demonstrationen der letzten Zeit.

Samstag morgen sollten zahlreiche Busse morgens um 9 Uhr vom Tahrir-Platz aus Richtung Gaza fahren, in die Grenzstadt Rafah. Einige Tausend Protestierende hatten sich nach Agenturangaben schon zwei Tage zuvor auf der Sinai-Halbinsel versammelt. Die ägyptische Armee rief die Protestierenden jedoch auf, von der Fahrt nach Gaza abzulassen, untersagte den Bussen die Abfahrt und schloss die Grenze. Von denen die auf anderem Weg nach Rafah gefahren waren, kamen am Samstag viele, meist ziemlich frustiert, zurück.

Etwas hundert Demonstrant_innen versammelten sich vor der israelischen Botschaft am Nachmittag. Die Botschaft ist im obersten Stockwerk eines brüchigen Gebäude nach der Cairo-University-Bridge gelegen, einzig eine Flagge weit oben ist davon zu sehen. Junge Männer und Frauen, viele gerade aus Rafah zurück, rufen laut Slogans gegen Israel und die Armee, die mit zwei gepanzerten Fahrzeugen und einer größeren Anzahl von Soldaten zwischen ihnen und der Botschaft steht. „Wir wollen die Botschaft anzünden“, „wir wollen unseren Brüder in Palästina helfen, aber die Armee steht zwischen uns“, „Gott ist groß“. Eine selbst gemalte israelische Flagge wird verbrannt. Später wird es ruhiger, die Leute sind heise, müde vom Schreien und der weiten Fahrt…

Military trials will be revised

Deutsche Version unten / German below

Good news (yeah, there are from time to time!!!): The Surpreme Council of the armed forces (SCAF) released a note on his facebook page yesterday, 12th of may, announcing that the cases of all protesters arrested and sentenced by military trials in march and april will be revised. All protesters that haven‘t done anything will get free.

This concerns especially several hundred people arrested the 9th of march and the 9th of april. While some got free, over 200 are still in prison, many of them were judged using the new Anti-thug-law that doesn‘t require a specific reason for being judged, they got between one and seven years.

Thx to the Campaign against military trials… you‘re doing a great job :-)

Gute Neuigkeiten (ja, auch das gibt es von Zeit zu Zeit!): Der derzeit herrschende Oberste Militärrat (SCAF) hat auf seiner Facebook Seite am 12. Mai eine Erklärung veröffentlicht, worin er ankündigt, dass alle Prozesse, bei denen im März und April Protestierende von Militärgerichten verurteilt wurden, neu aufgerollt werden. Alle, die nichts spezifisches verbrochen haben und etwa nur aufgrund der relativ allgemeinen Gesetze gegen Thuggery („Verbrecher“, „Halunken“) verurteilt wurden, sollen demnach freikommen.

Dies betrifft insbesondere mehrere hundert Inhaftierte, die am 9. März und 9. April bei Protesten verhaftet wurden. Während einige von diesen freikamen, sind viele noch immer im Gefängnis, sie wurden mit Hilfe des neuen und sehr dehnbaren Anti-Thug-Gesetzes zu ein bis sieben Jahren Haft verurteilt.

Die neue Erklärung ist auch ein Erfolg der tollen Arbeit der Kampagne gegen Militärgerichte, die in den letztenWochen trotz Drohungen und Widerstand eine tolle Arbeit geleistet hat! Hoffen wir, dass sie nicht nur aus leeren Worten besteht sondern bald in die Tat umgesetzt wird und den Inhaftierten bald zu Freiheit verhilft…


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