Taxi I تاكسي

On the way from military prosecution C28 in Nasr City to Downtown

Driver (D) points to the crowd in front of the military prosecution building: „What’s going on there?“
Activist (A): Protest. They interrogated two journalists and a blogger, 3arabawy. You didn‘t hear about this?
D: Not at all. I‘ve never heard the name. What have they done?
A: Critized the army.
D: Really?
A: He was talking about the military police torturing peoples and all this, in a TV show on OnTV, you know OnTV?
D: No. I watch only the egyptian channels [state TV]. And I listen radio a lot… but there was nothing about all this…
A: You don‘t know about the 9th of march and the 9th of april and all this??? (starts telling him about the arrests, the torture, the shooting against protesters on Tahrir Square)
D (shocked): But this is horrible! It’s just like Amn el-Dawla…like the police were before…
A: Yeah, just like this.
D: I can‘t believe it. Why don‘t we know about all this?! You have to tell this the people, we have to know…where can I get more information about all this?
A: In the internet. Go to Youtube. Enter march 9th, Ramy Essam, Tahrir attack…
D: I can‘t believe it…I thought they were the ones who protect us…we thought they were on the side of the revolution!
A: The never were. The let the thugs come in to the square […] And they were shooting on us the 9th…
D: They really did?
A: Yeah. For hours! The even shot at a house when there was somebody filming from there.
D (shakes his head): Then it’s true… I heard this before. There were rumors about the 9th of april, many people told me that they shot a the protesters. But then one day later this general was on TV and said that the army never shot against the people and never will. I thought an army general you can trust, I didn‘t think they‘d lie…
A: They do! They are all fucking liers.
D: After this last statement they released I already thought that there was something wrong, it was so weird. That they wouldn‘t protect any protest anymore nor shops nor the streets and people should do this on their own…what do they think? I have to work the whole day, how can I protect my house and my streets, that’s no my job, I can‘t! Oh, it’s bad, everything is getting worse, all the situation is insecure, you don‘t know where the country is going, what’s happening next, you can‘t trust anyone…some people even say Mubarak is still ruling the county, he did never step back, who knows?…
D: This is bad, this is all so bad…everything is so

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