A Spy (at the right time)

On Sunday a supposed Israelian spy was caught in Egypt.

According to American and international newspapers like Los Angeles Times Ilan Grapel is a
- American-Israelian citizen who lived most of his life in the US
- spend some years in Israel where his grandparents live, did military service there and was during the war 2006 in Lebanon
- studying law in Queens
- was in Cairo for an internship
- speaks arabic and was interested in arab culture

According to egyptian state-newspaper Al-Ahram
- was „highly trained“ and here on the mission to „increase tension between protesters and army forces“
- when he was arrested the found with him a laptop, flash cards and cell phones „containing top-secret informations“
- according „to initial investigations, Grapel is alleged to have been seeking to inflame the feelings of demonstrators, encouraging them to clash with military forces and stir up chaos“

This fits exactly in propaganda of the SCAF already used before the march on may 27th (see the old post): protest in Egypt are not of egyptian origin but are caused by enemy forces from outside that want to divide people and armed forces who protect the revolution and to destroy the country… Also many people pointed that it is quite strange that an israelian spy would use an open Facebook-Account under his name and put on this not only pictures of his stay in Egypt but also from his time in the Israelian Army.

Interesting discussions now in the web: on the facebook-page „We are sorry spy“ half of the people are making fun of the spy, the other half of their government. Some now use the Mossad logo as their profile picture. Comments range from „Go spy and have a rest, youtube will do the work for you“, „we need the spy in Sharm el-Sheik [where Mubarak is]“ to „I know this guy! He was on our side, he was protesting with us, he is not a spy!“ „This is truly a spy: He is taking quietly a picture of himself posing in front of an army tank, goes home and puts it on his facebook page…“ „The lawyer to the SCAF: My mandate is not a spy ’cause he is eating at McDonalds not at KFC [during the revolution Mubarak accused the protesters also being influenced by external forces and getting food from KFC]. The SCAF: No, he only eats at McDonald to hide his identity!

Between the Egyptian bloggers the opinion is divided – a good overview over the discussion on Globalvoices. While blogger Zeinobia for example takes the incident serious and warns it could harm the country as well as the movement, connecting it to activities supported by Israel, blogger 3arabawy writes an short and accurate post about „The almighty Israelin spy“:

When students and workers took to the streets in Alexandria, November 1968 … the state-run media announced the arrest of Israeli spies who were involved in the agitation for the protests (Arab Report and Record, 1-15 December 1968: 399).

My mother, who took part in the 1971-2 student protests against Sadat, recalls how the Central Security Forces were beating them with sticks while denouncing the students as “Israeli agents.”

During the 18 day uprising, a young woman journalist appeared on TV “confessing” she was trained by the Mossad to foment those “riots” in Tahrir. And of course it turned out to be a big lie.

And now, the government has announced it caught another Israeli spy gathering information about the protests and fomented chaos with the intent “of harming political, economic and social interests and negatively impacting the course of the revolution”… and “prosecutors suspect he paid protesters to cause friction with the military and to foment Muslim-Christian tensions.”

Seriously what a soap opera.

By this latest case, the Mukhabarrat [secret service] is trying to pull together a cheap move, so that any public criticism against the military would be depicted immediately as the work of Israeli spies. …

Do Israelis have spies in Egypt? Of course. And the biggest two spies are Mubarak and Omar Suleiman. One is enjoying a five star treatment in Sharm el-Sheikh, and the other seems to be getting away with his crimes, and possibly even run for presidency!

Dear Mukhabarrat, stop treating us like children. Who the hell is this Israeli super agent who will single handedly go around fomenting protests, agitating against the army in the streets and mosques? Get a life, grow up….

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