Khaled Said: Trial postponed

The case against the murderers of Khaled Said, killed by policement over one year ago, today was again postponed: Associated Press report, Al-Jazeera coverage with video report from outside the courthouse in Alexandria.

The court was expected to deliver a verdict today, instead it announced it will resume the case on September 24th. The official reason is that the court ordered a new autopsy – also the lawyer and the family of Khaled Said welcome this move as it bears the chance to accuse the two officers of manslaughter. At the moment they are only accused of illegal arrest and excessive use of force, the maximum panalty is 3 years.

Anyway, many of the protesters outside the courtroom (many of them coming straight from the new sit-in in Cairo’s Tahrir Square) felt very angry – they see it as a political move to postpone this trials and suppose the court didn‘t want to provoke more anger in tense moment like this one. For a discussion of the different reactions Zeinobias blogpost.

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