UPDATE June 29th: Videos & Pics

A collection of videos and pics showing what happened the night to Wednesday, June 29th, in Cairo:

The beginning

In the evening of May 28th, families of martyrs of the revolution, mostly from poor areas around Cairo, were denied access to a formal celebration of the martyrs in the Balloon theatre in Cairo. The families had camped the days before in Maspiro in the centre of Cairo to protest after the trial against ex-minister of interiour Habib el-Adly had been postponed again. Some relatives of martyrs tried to enter the theatre, they are attacked by security forces as the videos show:

video: @elbadeil

video: @gsquare

The night

video: @Mzahaby, more videos on Youtube. There is a short video and a photo gallery on the site of the Guardian.

A good short Video of TheDailyNewsEgypt:

The video below from newspaper AlAhram from one side of the square showing people preparing rocks, others faiting from the teargas and CS gas:

There are also a lot of good photos of the night, for example the ones of lilianwagdy. or the beautiful black-and-white pictures of 3arabawy.

The morning

The battle contineud till Wednesday around noon when to police withdraw from all downtown area. The videos below show the situation Wednesday moring between Tahrir Square and the ministry of interiour nearby:

video: @hoquookeg

both videos: @mafotoh

Update (July 2d): There are several reports of people who died in the night to Wednesday, one of a 14-year-old guy who got a gas-canister shot on his head, to be seen in the video below:

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