Sit-ins all-over! And news from Sharaf…


The protests
Still tenthousands in Tahrir Square, Cairo, number growing as the sit-in enters its second day. The camps are well-organized now, there is internet-connection, water, food, the mood of the protesters is very good. All the roads around are closed, the entrances are well controlled not to let enter any people with arms. From the stages music is playing, speakers give news about the protests in other cities.

Protests and Sit-ins in Suez, Alexandria, Assiut, Aswan, Ismailia, Port Said, Luxor, Mansoura, Sharm el Sheik and more cities all over Egypt.

The university teachers and professors are participating in the protests.

Protesters in Port Said and Suez started a hunger-strike.


Sit-in in Tahrir Square, Cairo, 9th of July, Photos: Gaby Osman

The protesters announced not to leave unless 7 main demands are met:

    1) The immediate release of all civilians who have been sentenced by military courts and their retrial before civilian courts. Military trials for civilians are to be totally banned.

    2) A special court should be established to try those implicated in the killing of protesters during the January 25 Revolution, and all implicated police officers are to be suspended immediately.

    3) The sacking of the current minister of the interior and his replacement by a civilian appointee, to be followed by the declaration of a plan and timetable for the full restructuring of the Ministry of Interior, placing it under judicial oversight.

    4) The sacking of the current prosecutor general and the appointment of a well-respected figure in his place.

    5) Putting Hosni Mubarak and members of his clique on trial for the political crimes committed against Egypt and its people.

    6) Revoking the current budget and the drawing up of a new draft budget that courageously acts to respond to the basic demands of the nation’s poor, and putting that draft budget to public debate before its adoption.

    7) Clear and open delineation of the prerogatives of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, ensuring its powers do not infringe on the powers and prerogatives of the cabinet. The prime minister should have full powers to appoint aides and members of his cabinet, once that cabinet is purged of the remnants of the old regime.

…and the politicians don‘t know what to say
Premierminister Essam Sharaf and the ruling military council SCAF didn‘t say one word about the protest so far, neither before nor after the big marches yesterday July 8.
The SCAF ordered all state-run media, especially the TV-Channels, not to report about the protests.
No everybody curious what they are going to say: For this evening Minister of Interiour Mansour El Essiawy announced to speak about the protests and the SCAF is said to announce a new statement. Right now, 21.30pm Premierminister Sharaf is speaking on TV. The protesters in Tahrir already answered Sharafs announcement before it began: If he want to speak he should do in thte square, in front of the people. And before the doesn‘t fulfil the demands, they will not speak with him.


Update (21:30pm)
Speech of Premier Sharaf on TV finished. Looked tired, spoke politely, but very vague. He wants to talk with the protesters. He will suspend the police officers who killed protesters. First commentaries from the protesters and on the net:
Sharaf said nothing new.
If he wants to talk to us, he can come to the squere.
He sounds exactly like Mubarak five month before!
Without names (of officers being trialed or fired) and without timeline his promises are worth nothing.
Thank you Sharaf, like this, now even more people will join us in Tahrir!

For a first analyses of the speech see here.
From Tahrir Square, a spontaneous march went out through downtown, shouting loud against the premierminister.

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  1. 1 Lisa 10. Juli 2011 um 15:25 Uhr

    Danke für den Blog. Die gängige dt. Medienlandschaft gibt ja leider nichts her. Und leider sehr verstörend, was in Ägypten los ist, hoffentlich stirbt die Revolution nicht. War März und Juni in Kairo, auch täglich auf und um den Tahrir Sq. und wünsche mir nichts mehr als eine gute Zukunft für dieses großartige Land.

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