…and battle in Suez

Sunday afternoon the army finally took action after days of silence – and attacked the Suez protesters after they had threatened to close the channel. Army send more troops to protect the channel. Battle the whole night, at least three deads.

Already the days before protesters in Suez had closed several main roads, the commercial movement in the city is down. The harbour workers, at strike for three weeks have joined the protests, as well as the workers of several factories, also at strike.

Protesters closing the highway of Qattamiya-Ain El Sokhna July 10th

There is not as much information about the situation in Suez as about Cairo or Alexandria. First report from blogger Lilian Wagdy, who arrived at Suez in the morning:

    the road to #suez governorate is blocked by the army no pedestrians or cars allowed
    #suez is virtually a ghost town you can literally count the cars in the streets
    we have just received news that a worker in el nasr oil company has just set himself on fire after being fired #suez
    the worker died and workers are now @ arba3een sit in #suez
    now @ port tawfeeq the sit in area is surrounded by barbed wire fences heavy army presence #suez
    the army is terrified of this sit in that’s for sure #suez #porttawfeeq

Long lifestream from a small sit-in in Suez here, the quality is not always good, but good to get an impression of the ongoing protests.

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