UPDATE …and yet another Friday

The sit-in in Tahrir and further sit-ins in many other cities of Egypt are about to enter their 8h day. And prepare for friday: Tomorrow another million-march will take place, in Cairo in other cities in support. Unlike last week, the muslimbrothers are not taking part in the march this time, still it can be expected to be big – the last days the protests in Tahrir were growing from the day to day, especially after the statement of the military council on Tuesday, when General Fangary warned the protesters to further damage the country.


„Sharafs government on the edge“ writes now even the state-run newspaper Al-Ahram. Prime minister Sharaf is indeed fighting to stay in his job: He announced that 600 police officers will be thrown out in the next weeks, he also released a first list with names. The new cabinet, according to the news, will be announced on Monday – but today news came out that minister of interiour Al-Essawy, one of the persons the protesters most wanted to leave, will stay in his job.

Meanwhile the the finger of Fangary has became a common used sign the protesters: many started to make fun of the general, for example in groups on Facebook like the one called „We don‘t care about your warning, Fangary“ or „Fangary’s finger“. A march went through Cairo on Wednesday, the participants showing their finger, the name of the general written on it. And the „finger of Fangary“ has became a common profil picture on Facebook: You showed us this finger, we show you this one…

Update (friday, july 15th)
early morning. the camp about to wake up, protesters cleaning the streets, the mogamma marked with graffiti… #tahrir square at 5am

Update (july 16th):
Protest on Friday were not as big as the week before. A lot of streetsellers gather on the square, the protesters tried a couple of time to throw them out, but this never worked for a long time: after some hours they were back. Many protesters don‘t want the sellers to be in the square itself, as they attacked protesters a couple of time, often paid by military or police. Nevertheless do the protests go on: Today, there was a march going through downtown ’cause in the morning one protester, injured the 25th of january, died in the hospital – one more martyr. In the evening, the „daily life“ of Tahrir goes on: People talking, eating, singing, watching films on the screen of „Tahrir cinema“…

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