(Bad) News from SCAF

Since Friday the SCAF published two new statements – and General Tantawi hold a speech on TV for the 23rd of July, day of the military takeover of Nasser 1952.

Statement Nr. 69:

    The SCAF was always on side of the revolution and the prosters and in the last days, it took a lot of good decisions, and all the measures are taken to meet the demands of the protesters and the egyptian people. But there are still people complaining and going on with protest – because these decisions may be good for the country, but they are not good for some political groups that follow a secret agenda and start spreading rumours and create problems between army and people […]
    1. It is not true that the army used force against the protester in Ismalia or Suez or in any other place

    2. The 6 – april movement attemps to create problems between the army and the egyptian people. […]

    3. The SCAF calls all the people to be careful and not to follow such attemps and resist all of them.

    THE GOD Bless us .

For the first time the army is accusing directly one group of spreading chaos and dividing army and people. The 6-april-movement and the protesters in Tahrir Square objected these accusations, a march went around Tahrir Square in the evening, people were chanting „Hey General, we are all 6th of april!“

more coming in some hours…

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