MORE July23: Attack of Abbasiya

Saturday afternoon a huge march against military rule started from Tahrir Square, Cairo, and went to Abbasiya in Heliopolis, the part of Cairo where most of the military institutions are located, including the headquarter of the military council (SCAF) and the ministry of defense. July 23 is the day of celebration of the 1952 Revolution when President Nasser and the Armed Forces came to power.

In Abbasiya, at 7pm, the march was suddenly stopped by military police with barbed wire.

Army barricades

At the same moment people surrounding the protesters started from one moment to the other throwing stones and attacking them with knives and molotov coctails. The army apparently surrounded the protesters so they had no chance to leave. Many of them tried to find shelter in a mosquee nearby, apparently the riot police CSF fired teargas at them. Others report there was only a small sidestreet left to get out, thugs were gathering in the streets waiting to catch protesters who tried to get out and beat them up. It seemed that they were also waiting around the two metro stations nearby to catch protesters who tried to get back to the square.

Very good video from Al-Masr Al-Youm and second one from OnTV:

After 9pm the situation calmed down. When ppl gathered again and shouted against the army, the military police fired tear gas. Around 10pm most ppl left.
Warnings: In Abbasiya thugs everywhere in side streets, try to arrest everybody who looks like a protester. Blogger @nazlyhussein is watching how the thugs were supervised by an army officer – he pointed at certain protesters and they went to catch them.

People trying to get back to Tahrir. Situation there seems to be calm.

BBC reports about 150 injured. The ministry of health said 25 person are in the hospital, 120 had to be treated on the scene – it can be expected the number will be higher in some hours.

Update (1:40 am): The health ministry now speaks of 269 injured. Reports of 2 dead, not confirmed. Protesters on Tahrir tell that a lot of injured people arrive there, some severely injured, they were afraid to go to hospitals or doctors and will be treated on the square. According to lawyer many people were arrested.

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