Protesters under attack I – Friday

The peace on the square lastet two weeks – now its seems it is over and it’s happening what so many ppl on the square feared for days. Yesterday, Friday, protesters in Alexandria and Suez were attacked by the armed forces. In Cairo a solidarity march left Tahrir Square in the late evening, several thousands marched to the headquarter of the military council (SCAF) .

The army blocked the way with tanks and armed vehicals and shot in the air to disperse protesters – the shots can be heard on thisvideo.

march friday night to Abbasiya, source: RASS

The people of the neighborhood of Abbasiya, Helippolis, joined the army and helped to drive to protesters out, they were shouting „traitors, traitors!“ to the demonstrators. Around 3.30 am (Saturday morning) the protest was dispersed.

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