Amr Gharbeia: arrested July 23

Amr Gharbeia عمرو غربية

July 23rd when a march against the SCAF was blocked by military and police and attacked by thugs, activist Amr Gharbeia was catched by thugs when going to the metro station, beaten badly and taken to the military police who arrested him. He got free the next morning after a huge number of people called for his release, including human rights organisation amnesty international.

Some notes on his arrest:
1. He was arrested by apparently paid thugs, later the group „We are sorry Mr. President“ declared themselves responsible for arresting him, a group openly on side of the former regime, Mubarak and the NDP.
2. Amr is quite tall and has very long hair. When being arrested the group mentioned called him „gay“ for the long hair, not a man, crying etc. they apparently beat him badly and pulled him by his hair through the street.
3. They called him a member of the 6 april movement and a spy – following the accusations the SCAF made against the protesters before. Since arresting the „spy“ Ilan Grapel some weeks ago, the SCAF intensified its propaganda against the protests being organized and paid by „enemies“ from outside. In his statement from last week he accused for the first time a specific group – 6april movement – of being agents of forces from outside, trying to spread chaos and instability in Egypt. The „We are sorry Mr. President“ group put fake pictures on their Facebook-Site showing Amr beside the „spy“ Ilan Grapel.
5. Amr got free after one night, mainly due to the pressure of his friends and supporters. The spontaneous campaign supporting him through Twitter, Facebook etc. it seems was the best protection he could get.

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