Islamists take the square

The camp on Tahrir enters its 22nd day – and the square is taken, not by the military nor by thugs or the police as so many feared since the clashes of Abbasiya last week. Friday July 29 millions of islamists took the square and all the surrounding streets. The three big islamist organisations – Muslimbrotherhood, Salafis and Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya – showed their power and brought people from all over the country by bus to the square. No chance for the 28 secular groups that had called beside the islamists and hoped for a „friday of unity“ of the different groups that have split in may after fighting side by side against the Mubarak regime during the revolution. In the early morning there were still fight about poster calling for an islamic state – at the time of the midday prayer the islamists had taken over. Chants for an islamic state, the islamic law, against „atheist“ press all over the square, „million greetings to Tantawi“ and shouting in favor of the SCAF.

At 3pm the secular groups declared in a press conference they would leave the square to protest against the take-over of the islamists, they had not respected the agreements made before. The sit-in is still going on – though the people in the small camp in the middle of the square felt more and more scared surrounded by millions of islamists that had criticized the sit-in for weeks…

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