Army cleared the square!!!

At 3 pm several tanks entered the streets around Tahrir, a few minutes later the went in, thousands of soldiers attacked the remaining camps in the centre of the square and beside the Mogamma, supported by the riot police CSF. With them were a lot of people in civil clothes, maybe thugs but more probably police in civil clothes. They pulled down all the tents, beat people badly, arrested many – more information will be out soon.

After half an hour the soldiers opened the square for the traffic. Passing cars were cheering at them, the owners of the shops nearbywho already tried to open one gate of the square yesterday were shouting „people and army – one hand“.

Al-Jazeera was fast in arriving and broadcasted the attack live, kikhote took a good video from a building beside the square, now there also videos been uploaded from ppl who have been on the square during the attack.

Updates below the videos!

Update (11pm): SCAF speaks of 111 arrested „thugs“. Lawyers have contact with the arrested protesters, they have been beaten up badly, are now at C28 with military police. Even though many of them had been fasting the whole day they didn‘t get even water, when they finally got some it was very dirty. Lawyers and supporters now try to find out where they exactly are.

Update (aug2, 1:40am): Small march against SCAF and clearing of the square right now on Tahrir square. Watch live here. About 200 protesters now surrounded by more than 1000 soldiers and riot police CSF, chanting, clapping. Circle getting closer. Everybody who tries to go out is being arrested.

Update (aug2, 8pm): A video taken by a photographer arrested from inside a tank – showing how military and new old security police (now called „Amn el-Watani instead of Amn el-Dawla) deal with the arrested…

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