UPDATE Violence and no end

One day after brutally clearing the square of protesters, the army attackes again – on the eve the first day of the process against ex-president Hosni Mubarak. A small number of protesters gathered in the early evening at Tahrir Square, about 100 – 200. They were chanting slogans against the military and the eviction of the square. Thousands of soldiers and officers of riot-police CSF still were present at the square to secure nobody is blocking traffic or trying to enter the inner circle. The didn‘t wait for long: Around 9pm, the attacked the protesters violently. And not only them: The started arresting and beating everybody around, people started running trough the streets to get away from the square, police and military following them, randomly arresting people in streets and cafe-shops.

Read the tweeps to get an impression of the situation in downtown:

    I saw more pp arrested by #csf in talaat Harb and Hundreds n hundreds of csf are all over the street !“ #tahrir

    Seriously, the Military Police and CSF have gone completely mental #Tahrir

    Peet4Peter Peter Habib
    #Tahrir is like a cemetry

    Bystanders also beaten by SCAF. Indiscriminate violence now in #Tahrir from armed men in uniform against everyone not in a car

    Don‘t you ever get near down town!! they‘re arresting EVERYONE! #tahrir“

    nazlyhussein نازلي حسين
    “@HebaGhannam: Military police is shouting at shop owners in tal3at Harb ordering them 2 close their shops ! #tahrir”

    sara wansa was beaten by the thugs on her stomach (punching) , Ali shreim almost lost his eye, and ghassan makarem needs an urgent surgery

    Psypherize Ahmad H. Aggour
    #Egypt: The #SCAF cannot stay in power, they have to go. #Tahrir #Jan25

At 11pm news about 400 arrested people on Tahrir, number is not confirmed yet. Instead of protesters hundreds of policemen and soldiers now are sitting (and sleeping) on Tahrir Square, provoking joke in the internet: „Photo showing MP & CSF having a sit-in in #Tahrir!! DUDE WHERE IS MY PRODUCTION WHEEL??!??“

Update (aug6)
Protesters going on making fun about hundereds of soldiers „protesting“ on Tahrir Square („why don‘t they put posters with their demands?“ „for the 4th day army and police doing sit-in in the square, harming the economy and tourism in our country“), but in reality the situation is not fun at all. It’s calm in downtown now, no soldiers or CSF in the streets. The square itself looks still a bit like a war-zone, tanks and armed soldiers protecting all entrances, long lines of Csf-Trucks in the streets around. There tasks seems to be to prevent any gathering in the square. Still every day different groups of people try to get there: Yesterday there was the funeral of a guy injured the 23rd in the march of Abbasiya, he died some days ago. Military prevented the people coming out of the mosque to go to the square. Yesterday evening a few hundred gathered for the iftar beside tahrir square – and got attacked by military police who hit and injured many of them as can be seen in the following video:

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