Mubarak in trial!

Many were skeptic till the last moment and didn‘t believe that he would really be there. But he was: Mubarak, his two sons Alaa and Gamal, ex-minister of interiour Habib Al-Adly and further supporters of their regime appeared today in court.

In the early morning already several hundred people gathered in front of the huge screens outside the courtroom that was build in the police academy in New Cairo on the outskirts of Cairo. Fights broke out between Mubarak-supporters and others against him, they were fighting each other with sticks and stones, 43 people got injured.

Then the helicopter with Mubarak arrived. When he was taken out, nothing could be seen.

The court session started late. 600 people were allowed to attend, Ahmed Rifaat, law professor and president of the court, opened the trial. He called to bring the accused in: Habib Al-Adly… Alaa Mubarak… Gamal Mubarak… and… Mohammed Hosni Mubarak! And: he was there. They brought the ex-president in a bed to the cage and the cameras zoomed on this face. In this moment, millions of people in front of the public and the TV screens screamed: „I never thought I would live to see this moment!“ many said. „I can‘t believe it! He will be trialed!“

Trouble in the courtroom. The lawyers and supporters of Mubarak try to postpone the case and to call more witnesses. The president of the court finally stopps them and reads the accusations. Mubarak was not saying anything during the session, except the obligatory „Sir, I‘m here“ when called by the judge and „These are all lies. I haven‘t done anything“ when asked if he heard the accusations. Then the surprise: He calls as witnesses for the next court sessions important members of the old government and politicians who were closed to them, Ex-Vize-President Omar Suleiman, the now minister of interiour Al-Essawy – and head of the ruling military council SCAF, General Tantawi. The latter two are called to appear in court in the next session against Mubarak on August 15. The trial against Al-Adly will continue tomorrow, Wednesday.

All channels were broadcasting the trial live, also it was only the state-TV who was allowed to film, the others copied this. At night the TV channels are still repeating the scenes of the trial again and again and half Egypt can‘t stop watching, still happy and surprised to see the man that was ruling the country for 30 years being brought to court. „Good I thank you that you treat the people bad who treat other bad!“ was a worker shouting while watching Mubarak in the cage. „Such a happy day“ other kept saying, „we had not had for a long time.“

…and a bit of fun

who always wanted to see the ex-president with his finger in his nose watch this video… and the two sentences of Mubarak in trial are already ready to be the new ringing-tones for the phones of all Mubarak-haters.


in most newspapers, many articles, timeline etc. in Al-Masr Al-Youm and Al-Ahram, the guardian, good coverage in german in the taz and Sueddeutsche.
For live-coverage of trials watch Al-Jazeera Mubasher Egypt, Al-Jazeera international is also covering big parts of the trial, here a CNN-video made before the trial started

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