UPDATE Save Maikel Nabil Sanad!

Imprisoned blogger and activist Maikel Nabil Sanad’s life is in danger: after a hungerstrike for almost two weeks and a thirst strike for six days he’s in coma since three days. The army brought him to the military hospital, no one is allowed to see him. Sanad was arrested in march and sentenced to 3 years for „insulting the army“ after writing an article on his blog about the role of the army during the revolution.

The last months the movement of young protesters and also the groups of prisoner support didn‘t care so much about Maikel – many activists didn‘t like him because of his closed contacts to israelien (anti-war-)activists, others feared supporting him could be dangerous because of his open critic of the army. While he was internationally well-known and had supporters in anti-war-group all over the world, in Egypt himself by wide parts of the movement either didn‘t like or didn‘t know him.

This changed now: Cartoonist Carlos Latuff draw a comic for him, there are various calls to support Maikel Nabil in the internet, a group staged a protest in front of the Syndicate of Journalists in Cairo Downtown (video). The No Military Trials Group that got famous for protesting succesfully against military trials for activists, produced another video where well-known activists and politicians call to support Maikel Nabil. May it be of help…

UPDATE: Maikel is out of the hospital since Tuesday according to supporters, his health state is slightly better since he started to drink, but he announced to stop drinking from Friday on again. The court announced it will decide upon his appeal to review the case november 1st.

weiterlesen: Artikel in der taz und aktuelle Infos auf der Aktionsseite von Connection e.V.

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