Finally: 9/9

For weeks, actitivist were calling for a march on Friday 9th of september, called „friday of correction of the way“. It’s the first march since the army cleared the square on 1st of August, since this date, no group was able to enter Tahrir Square, instead, it was „occupied“ by hundreds of soldiers and riot-police-officers who were standing guard to prevent new protests. Till the last moment it was not sure they army would allow the protest – finally thursday evening the army left the square and people started gathering in smaller and bigger groups, chanting, lying in the grass of the inner part that had been closed for weeks now, trying the „seats“ they army brought in for their soldiers or using them to climb on and waving flags.

Friday morning: Desillusion. Just few hundred people on the square. Small marches through the streets of downtown.

After noon: People finally come in, the crowd is growing, several tenthousand join now. Chants for a civilian government, against the army. Many workers groups and some left parties join, also several thousands ultras of the clubs Ahly and Zamalek joined, the had a huge fight with the police two days before, the police had attacked them in the stadion when they started chanting a revolutionsong.

Images of Tahrir Square around 2pm…

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