UPDATE A military president?

On Monday, the 26th of September, Hussein Tantawi, chief of the ruling military council, visited Downtown Cairo – apparently without journalists or security and, for the first time since decades, not in uniform but in dress. But somebody was filming with his phone and the state-TV showed this scene in the news: Tantawi, in dress, passing the shopping street of Downtown, shaking hands with citizens.

The incident was discussed intensively in liberal press and among activists – and was seen by many as further confirmation of rumors that army-chief Tantawi is planning to run for president in the upcoming elections. In the same time, Al-Shorouq newspaper brought out news that the presidential elections will be postponed to end of 2012 or 2013, from official side this was not confirmed so far. The parlamentary elections will start in november 2011.

Update (October 6th):
The new timetable for elections, postponing presidential elections to end of 2012 or later, rises among political analysts exactly these fears:
“It seems that the military has its own candidate,” says Ammar Ali Hassan, political analyst and columnist. “It [the military] is waiting for the ripe moment when public opinion is willing to accept the idea of having a presidential candidate who belongs to the military.”
writes Al-Masr Al-Youm in a good article about the topic.

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