Better police – no way

The egyptian police has a very bad reputation – one reason why policemen were repeatedly attacked or chased from the streets after the revolution and the police is still not back on the streets in full power. Many police-officers were afraid to go out to the streets in the month after the revolution. There were not a lot of policemen in side of the protesters and the revolution – but there were some. They founded the Coalition of police officers against corruption who fought for a better and cleaner police. How many officers are part of the group is unknown, but on their Facebook-page about 2600 joined. On this page, actually, the video showing soldiers and high-rank officers involved in the attack on the israelien embassy the 9th of september, was published.

Today, minister of interiour El-Essawy, announced that this group will be dissolved and all its members will be thrown out of the service. The founder of the group and its speaker were arrested. El-Essawy accused them of inciting unrest and inviting police-officers to act against the ministry of interiour. The group announced it will meet today and start protest against this decision.

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