Living with martyrs: Khaled, Mina, Essam

In an articel translated by The Arabist, blogger Alaa writes about „Living with the martyrs“, an article about activist Mina Daniel, killed by the armee on the Black Sunday, october 9th. Mina, it seems, was not the last martyr. A few days ago a prisoner of Tora prison, the 24-year-old Essam Atta died of brutal torture. He was arrested on 25th of february as bystander of a fight and sentenced two years, being one of the thousands of mostly poor civilians arrested of unknown reason and sentenced in unjust military trials. More about the case in the detailed articel of blogger Zeinobia with pictures and videos, the video of his funeral in Tahrir on 28th of october and an articel on globalvoices with reports and reactions from Twitter & Co.

The case was compared widely to the case of Khaled Said, who was beaten to death in July 2010, often called the „first martyr of the revolution“. The two policemen who murdered him got sentenced to 7 years in prison last week, a sentence that was widely critizied among human rights activists:

    Gsquare86 Gigi Ibrahim جييييج
    #KhaledSaid murderers have been sentenced to only 7 years in prison ..I‘m thinking about committing murder and getting away w/ it #Tantawi

    moftasa Mostafa Hussein
    I‘m against heavy sentences, but 7 years doesn‘t match the crime. Not to mention officers who collaborated & never charged. #khaledsaid

    alya1989262 Alyouka
    so torture gets you 3 yrs, torture + murder gets you 7… unless you‘re a civilian in military court, where breaking curfew gets you 7 yrs!

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