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Battle in Egypt

Al-Jazeera Egypt around midnight: Street battle in the centre of Cairo, minister of health speaks of 507 injured, the government therewhile is busy with discussion about general lines for the constitution draft.

Not only in Cairo: Since Sunday morning street battles all over egypt, reports of two dead and several hundreds injured. In Suez protesters attacked a police station, the military went in, live ammunition is been used. Ongoing street fights in Alexandria and in Cairo between protesters and riot police, apparently a fire in a building beside Tahrir Square. The military is calling the people to support the government in this hard times against this attack to destroy the country.

Yesterday hundred thousands joint a peaceful demonstration to call the military to leave and to give power to a civil government. But the demonstration against military rule was used by parties and candidates for the upcoming elections, from liberal parties to the muslimbrotherhood and islamist salafis, they built up several stages and hold speeches, but in the evening, at the time to occupy the square and start the protest, called to leave. Just a small number of activists stayed there and was attacked at night, first by thugs, later by the riot police (csf) that in the morning took the square and closed the inner circle to prevent further protest, like it happened before in august.


Watching: ‚Revolution hijacked‘

Not reading today, just watching… a reportage about the situation in Egypt by an Australian TV channel – a bit disordered, but with good coverage of the Maspero events and some voices of activists…

UPDATE Alaa in prison


Now it is already one week. And still it seems rather an idea from a bad movie than reality: Alaa Abd El-Fattah Seif, one of the most famous, most active bloggers and activist, is in prison, Thursday his appeal was rejected (Al-Masry Al-Youm, Globalvoices, german in the taz). The military detained him last Sunday, the 30th of october, after he refused to be interrogated by the military prosecution who had summoned him that day for his reports about the Black Sunday, or the „Maspiro massacre“ 9th of october (if this was the reason for his detention or it would have been happened anyway can be questioned).
Whatever the reason was: The ruling military council SCAF seems to feel secure enough to attack now openly the now smaller, but still very active scene of activists, even the ones from middle- and upperclass families, well educated, with good connections to press and activists in other countries, exactly the ones who could feel quite secure as long as the repressive use of military trials was used almost only against the poor. The accusations against Alaa of stealing weapons and inciting violent unrest seem so constructed that comments like the open letter one of his mother still range between disbelief and horror. He is detained for 15 days, pending investigation, the period can be renewed unlimited.