The war against the bloggers

December 4 the syrian blogger Razan Ghazzawi was arrested by Syrian authorities at the border to Jordan when she wanted to leave the country to attend a conference in Amman. Razan lived in Cairo for some months, I met her there, according to what she told us she already left Syria because she was unter threat, why she finally decided to go back I don‘t know. Razan was one of the few bloggers who wrote under their real name, already before the protest in Syria started in march, she was blogging about feminist topics and homosexuality, later the revolution in Syria, the questions how to organize the protest, how to support the prisoners were here main topics. She worked quite closed with some western NGOs and attended several conferences (what she saw quite critical herself according to this articel (german). Her collegue and friend blogger Hussein Ghrer just got free december 1st after being detained for 37 days – the good news was the last post on her blog before she got arrested herself.

The campaign #freerazan started right after her arrest and spread fast – Razan was a prominent member of the trans-arabic young blogger szene, she was well connected to bloggers and human rights activists in several other countries. It didn‘t help her: After being in jail for 11 days she was charged on wednesday. The accusations were: 1.establishing organization that aims to change social & economical entity of the state; 2.weakening the national sentiment and 3.trying to ignite sectarian strife. if she would be charged this would mean 15 years in jail. According to her sister, the case is postponed to Saturday. For further info read the report of Reporters without borders with links to the campaign pages, one of the campaign pages and more tips how to support Razan.

The reactions from the blogger community ranged between shock and speechlessness. Not only because of the arrest of Razan – she is part of the war against the bloggers that is going on in several countries at the same time.
Alaa Abd El-Fattah, one of the most famous egyptian bloggers just got his detention renewed today. It’s seems the egyptian military is unwilling to let him free – and it seems that the charge of „insulting the army“ is more dangerous in Egypt at them moment than the charge of killing. While the public prosecutor let all the people free today who were arrested in the Maspiro events 9th of october, Alaa is still in Tora prison, because he is „facing different charges“.
Wednesday, the same day Alaa got another 15 days of detention, Maikel Nabil Sanad, already in jail since April, was judged by a military appeal court again to two years in prison, one year less than he got in April for writing a blog post analyzing the role of the egyptian army during the revolution. Sanad is in hunger-strike since august (short articel in taz, GPMagazin/Connection e.V.).
Today, Bahrein blogger and activist Zainab Alkhawaja got arrested when she staged a sit-in in a traffic circle (see the youtube video).

#freealaa #freezainab #freerazan #freemaikel

In a time where in countries like Egypt the offical press is again and in Syria still censored and under control of the government, free speech and critics in the internet seems to be the biggest threat for the ones who are ruling by brutality, aggression and lies…

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