Into the grave – another bloody attack

It does not end, no, it is not getting better, it is getting worse, much worse… Does anybody remeber the sarcastic article of Al-Aswany „How to put an end to a revolution in 6 steps“? It seems we are reaching step 6: the movement is isolated, the new old rulers are ready to attack and destroy it. It seems they finally feel safe enough to take revenge. How if not like this can you take the pictures of today? The fact that since they are not afraid anymore to arrest and to beat even the wellknown activists from good families who could feel quite safe till some weeks ago blogger Alaa got arrested (even they still get out much easier and faster than the countless protesters whose name nobody knows). That they are throwing broken plates, glass plates from buildings on the protesters to injure them, beat children, men women, pull them the hijab from the face, shot live ammunition, attack the field hospitals and the wounded while soldiers on the buildings show the victory sign or much worse?…

…and the protesters defending themselves with symbolic (?) coffins?

Yesterday the second round of the elections. And today again: violence, blood, torture, at least six dead, several hundred injured, horrible photos and videos of people being beaten, injured and killed when military police attacked a sit-in in front of the building of the Prime Minister (on facebook, a lot of videos and material on this page – take care, very graphic!!!)
Friday at about 4am the clashes started, when a young man who left the protest before came back after hours badly injured and reported that he was arrested, beaten and tortured by electricity. Military police clashed with protesters for hours, they shot, run into tents and people with cars, through glass and ceramic from the building, beat the people very badly. A lot more people joined, apparently there are still some in Tahrir and around. The number of injured is still not clear, also it is not clear how many are arrested. the Nadeem Center for Human Rights reported at least six dead.
Since two weeks protesters were holding the sit-in to protest against the nomination of Al-Ghanzouri, the new Prime Minister. Ganzouri was Prime Minister in the 90s under Mubarak, he is much closer to the military and the old regime of Mubarak than Essam Sharaf, the Prime Minister over the last eight month who resigned during the newand bloody wave of protest end of november. The SCAF put a statement late in the evening, saying the protesters attacked the soldiers, destroyed and burned part of the parlament building.

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