The Dark Days

Blogger Sandmonkey wrote a long post after being ‚absent‘ for two month while he was doing his campaing as a candidate for the parliament elections. „I have been silent, I have been tied up by advisors over what you can and cannot say during an election. This is over. „

The article he put online now contains a lot of new and very interesting information and thoughts, about the disconnect of people and movement, the different and violent reality of Suez compared to Cairo, and the elections: They are being frauded, he says. And they are being frauded a lot. There were tons of votes found thrown in different cities, he was offered „help“ for his campaign to, he saw how the army was helping the Salafis in Suez in the campaign and in counting the votes to get them seats. (Why the Salafis??? he explains it quite reasonable in the text).

But apart from this it is also a very personal record of the state of the movement and one of its most critical and special analyst (and protagonist).

    „Lately I have been hard to reach, even when I am surrounded by friends and loved ones. I don’t want to talk or think, my brain is a merry-go-round of ideas and knowledge that I wish were not there. 2 weeks ago I was noticing how everyone around me is falling apart: physically, psychologically, and emotionally. And the worst part is the helplessness you feel, knowing that you can’t offer them any real comfort or solution. We are in the shit. The Dark Days.“
    (read the whole articele on Sandmonkey’s page)
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