The people didn‘t topple the regime…

Tahrir at night, Januar 25, 2012

In the end, it was all the big celebration all sides wanted: the islamist groups who put their big stages in the square, the revolutionaries who felt, after month of repression and frustration, like celebrating and forgetting all the worries for one day, all the egyptian who, in a life of daily fighting about surviving, enjoyed a day of joy and proud.

The big clashed many people were afraid of did not happen. The military dropped their plans of celebrating themselves in the squares, all around downtown and other cities, neither soldiers nor police was seen. They let the people celebrate this day. And the people celebrated it – millions in Tahrir-Square, in Alexandria, in all big cities of Egypt. The demands of the ones who wanted to turn this day into a huge protest against military rule were loud – but still they got lost in the mix of celebrations, demands, memories and voices that echoed this day. But: parts of the movement stayed on the square over night. Another sit-in has started, against the warnings of some activists who said that „every sit-in ended in a disaster the last months“. So far the military did not attack. For Friday another big march is planned. The people didn‘t topple the regime – this was one of the most widely used graffitis the last weeks. The regime is still in power and the fights are going on.

But yesterday was not only celebration: there were bad things happening too: Several women got attacked during the protests as Shaima reports on Facebook:

    Shaima El-Elaimy @ShaimaStreet:
    ‎Something very disturbing happened tonight before I left #Tahrir . A woman was attacked, her clothes were torn. I saw some of the people who

    tried to help her, their clothes were bloody. When I asked what that was a guy told me it was her blood. #Tahrir

    The lady was a foreigner who was taking photos around the Mogama3 area.She was harassed&then attacked by a mob of around a dozen ppl #Tahrir

    They tore her clothes and beat her. People interfered to save her, they took off their belts and started beating the harassers. #Tahrir

    As for her, she was taken to the FH in an ambulance.I found it also very disturbing that children were chasing it to get a look@ her #Tahrir

    This isn‘t the first time mobs attack&harass women. During Eid&the holidays we‘ve seen these group attacks against women happen.

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