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Finally: 9/9

For weeks, actitivist were calling for a march on Friday 9th of september, called „friday of correction of the way“. It’s the first march since the army cleared the square on 1st of August, since this date, no group was able to enter Tahrir Square, instead, it was „occupied“ by hundreds of soldiers and riot-police-officers who were standing guard to prevent new protests. Till the last moment it was not sure they army would allow the protest – finally thursday evening the army left the square and people started gathering in smaller and bigger groups, chanting, lying in the grass of the inner part that had been closed for weeks now, trying the „seats“ they army brought in for their soldiers or using them to climb on and waving flags.

Friday morning: Desillusion. Just few hundred people on the square. Small marches through the streets of downtown.

After noon: People finally come in, the crowd is growing, several tenthousand join now. Chants for a civilian government, against the army. Many workers groups and some left parties join, also several thousands ultras of the clubs Ahly and Zamalek joined, the had a huge fight with the police two days before, the police had attacked them in the stadion when they started chanting a revolutionsong.

Images of Tahrir Square around 2pm…

„How to put an end to the Revolution…“

English version below

Vor zwei Wochen veröffentlichte der ägyptische Schriftsteller Alaa Al-Aswany diese satirischen Text über die aktuelle politische Situation – eine der besten Analysen was gerade geschieht die in letzter Zeit veröffentlicht wurde. Lest… wir sind, vermutlich, zwischen Punkt 4 und 5…

Wie man in sechs Schritten eine Revolution niederschlägt
Alaa Al-Aswany

Lieber General, wenn die Revolution dich überrascht hat – bloß keine Panik. Kein Grund zu erschrecken angesichts Millionen wütender Demonstranten. Beruhig dich. Atme einmal tief durch und reiß dich zusammen. Erinner‘ dich, dass Revolutionen Ausnahme sind, seltene Momente in denen die Menschen mutig handeln und bereit sind, ihr Leben zu geben für ihre Freiheit und ihre Würde. Revolutionen sind die Ausnahme, die Regel ist dass die Menschen Ungerechtigkeit akzeptieren, sei es aus Furcht vor Unterdrückung oder für kleine Gewinne. Der Beweis dafür ist, dass es nur wenige Revolutionen in der Geschichte der Menschheit gab. Die Umstände haben dich nun in den Nachwehen einer Revolution an die Spitze der Macht gebracht, also mach dir keine Gedanken über das Brüllen der wütenden Massen in den Straßen. Die dort unten sind wie Tiere, stark und wild aber irrational. Du bist der begabte Dompteur, dem es mit wohlbedachtem Knallen der Peitsche gelingen wird, sie zu kontrollieren und zurück in ihre Käfige zu bringen. Dafür solltest du in sechs Schritten vorgehen:

Erstens: Feier die Revolution und schimpfe auf den abgesägten Diktator. Du musst erklären, dass du die abgeschlossene Ära ganz und gar verurteilst. Natürlich hast du in Wirklichkeit noch immer Sympathien für den ehemaligen Diktator der jahrzentelang dein Freund und Kollege war, dennoch hast in die Öffentlichkeit zu treten und lauthals zu schreien: „Lang lebe die Revolution!“ Die Menschen werden dir spontan glauben. Niemand wird sich daran erinnern dass 40 Jahre lang an der Seite des alten Diktators standest ohne irgendetwas gegen die Verbrechen, die er begangen hat, zu sagen. Die Menschen werden dir glauben weil sie sich wünschen, dass du auf Seiten der Revolution stehst, und Menschen sind sehr anfällig dafür, dass zu glauben, was sie sich wünschen. Verfluch den Diktator allerdings nicht zu sehr, für den Fall, dass du doch Misstrauen erregst. Verfluch ihn nur einmal, zweimal, ja am besten zweimal, das wichtigste ist dass du unablässig die Revolution hochleben lässt. Die Menschen müssen aufwachen und ins Bett gehen zum Lobgesang der Revolution, erstens weil sie dann glauben die Revolution hätte gewonnen (auch wenn sie in Wirklichkeit keines ihrer Ziele erreicht hat), und zweitens weil so alles was in diesem Land danach passiert einzig und allein mit der Revolution in Verbindung gebracht wird.


Mubarak in trial!

Many were skeptic till the last moment and didn‘t believe that he would really be there. But he was: Mubarak, his two sons Alaa and Gamal, ex-minister of interiour Habib Al-Adly and further supporters of their regime appeared today in court.

In the early morning already several hundred people gathered in front of the huge screens outside the courtroom that was build in the police academy in New Cairo on the outskirts of Cairo. Fights broke out between Mubarak-supporters and others against him, they were fighting each other with sticks and stones, 43 people got injured.

Then the helicopter with Mubarak arrived. When he was taken out, nothing could be seen.

The court session started late. 600 people were allowed to attend, Ahmed Rifaat, law professor and president of the court, opened the trial. He called to bring the accused in: Habib Al-Adly… Alaa Mubarak… Gamal Mubarak… and… Mohammed Hosni Mubarak! And: he was there. They brought the ex-president in a bed to the cage and the cameras zoomed on this face. In this moment, millions of people in front of the public and the TV screens screamed: „I never thought I would live to see this moment!“ many said. „I can‘t believe it! He will be trialed!“

UPDATE Violence and no end

One day after brutally clearing the square of protesters, the army attackes again – on the eve the first day of the process against ex-president Hosni Mubarak. A small number of protesters gathered in the early evening at Tahrir Square, about 100 – 200. They were chanting slogans against the military and the eviction of the square. Thousands of soldiers and officers of riot-police CSF still were present at the square to secure nobody is blocking traffic or trying to enter the inner circle. The didn‘t wait for long: Around 9pm, the attacked the protesters violently. And not only them: The started arresting and beating everybody around, people started running trough the streets to get away from the square, police and military following them, randomly arresting people in streets and cafe-shops.

Read the tweeps to get an impression of the situation in downtown:

    I saw more pp arrested by #csf in talaat Harb and Hundreds n hundreds of csf are all over the street !“ #tahrir

    Seriously, the Military Police and CSF have gone completely mental #Tahrir

    Peet4Peter Peter Habib
    #Tahrir is like a cemetry

    Bystanders also beaten by SCAF. Indiscriminate violence now in #Tahrir from armed men in uniform against everyone not in a car

    Don‘t you ever get near down town!! they‘re arresting EVERYONE! #tahrir“

    nazlyhussein نازلي حسين
    “@HebaGhannam: Military police is shouting at shop owners in tal3at Harb ordering them 2 close their shops ! #tahrir”

    sara wansa was beaten by the thugs on her stomach (punching) , Ali shreim almost lost his eye, and ghassan makarem needs an urgent surgery

    Psypherize Ahmad H. Aggour
    #Egypt: The #SCAF cannot stay in power, they have to go. #Tahrir #Jan25

At 11pm news about 400 arrested people on Tahrir, number is not confirmed yet. Instead of protesters hundreds of policemen and soldiers now are sitting (and sleeping) on Tahrir Square, provoking joke in the internet: „Photo showing MP & CSF having a sit-in in #Tahrir!! DUDE WHERE IS MY PRODUCTION WHEEL??!??“

Update (aug6)
Protesters going on making fun about hundereds of soldiers „protesting“ on Tahrir Square („why don‘t they put posters with their demands?“ „for the 4th day army and police doing sit-in in the square, harming the economy and tourism in our country“), but in reality the situation is not fun at all. It’s calm in downtown now, no soldiers or CSF in the streets. The square itself looks still a bit like a war-zone, tanks and armed soldiers protecting all entrances, long lines of Csf-Trucks in the streets around. There tasks seems to be to prevent any gathering in the square. Still every day different groups of people try to get there: Yesterday there was the funeral of a guy injured the 23rd in the march of Abbasiya, he died some days ago. Military prevented the people coming out of the mosque to go to the square. Yesterday evening a few hundred gathered for the iftar beside tahrir square – and got attacked by military police who hit and injured many of them as can be seen in the following video:

Army cleared the square!!!

At 3 pm several tanks entered the streets around Tahrir, a few minutes later the went in, thousands of soldiers attacked the remaining camps in the centre of the square and beside the Mogamma, supported by the riot police CSF. With them were a lot of people in civil clothes, maybe thugs but more probably police in civil clothes. They pulled down all the tents, beat people badly, arrested many – more information will be out soon.

After half an hour the soldiers opened the square for the traffic. Passing cars were cheering at them, the owners of the shops nearbywho already tried to open one gate of the square yesterday were shouting „people and army – one hand“.

Al-Jazeera was fast in arriving and broadcasted the attack live, kikhote took a good video from a building beside the square, now there also videos been uploaded from ppl who have been on the square during the attack.

Updates below the videos!

Update (11pm): SCAF speaks of 111 arrested „thugs“. Lawyers have contact with the arrested protesters, they have been beaten up badly, are now at C28 with military police. Even though many of them had been fasting the whole day they didn‘t get even water, when they finally got some it was very dirty. Lawyers and supporters now try to find out where they exactly are.

Update (aug2, 1:40am): Small march against SCAF and clearing of the square right now on Tahrir square. Watch live here. About 200 protesters now surrounded by more than 1000 soldiers and riot police CSF, chanting, clapping. Circle getting closer. Everybody who tries to go out is being arrested.

Update (aug2, 8pm): A video taken by a photographer arrested from inside a tank – showing how military and new old security police (now called „Amn el-Watani instead of Amn el-Dawla) deal with the arrested…

Islamists take the square

The camp on Tahrir enters its 22nd day – and the square is taken, not by the military nor by thugs or the police as so many feared since the clashes of Abbasiya last week. Friday July 29 millions of islamists took the square and all the surrounding streets. The three big islamist organisations – Muslimbrotherhood, Salafis and Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya – showed their power and brought people from all over the country by bus to the square. No chance for the 28 secular groups that had called beside the islamists and hoped for a „friday of unity“ of the different groups that have split in may after fighting side by side against the Mubarak regime during the revolution. In the early morning there were still fight about poster calling for an islamic state – at the time of the midday prayer the islamists had taken over. Chants for an islamic state, the islamic law, against „atheist“ press all over the square, „million greetings to Tantawi“ and shouting in favor of the SCAF.

At 3pm the secular groups declared in a press conference they would leave the square to protest against the take-over of the islamists, they had not respected the agreements made before. The sit-in is still going on – though the people in the small camp in the middle of the square felt more and more scared surrounded by millions of islamists that had criticized the sit-in for weeks…

Zum Weiterlesen auf deutsch: Artikel in der taz

Amr Gharbeia: arrested July 23

Amr Gharbeia عمرو غربية

July 23rd when a march against the SCAF was blocked by military and police and attacked by thugs, activist Amr Gharbeia was catched by thugs when going to the metro station, beaten badly and taken to the military police who arrested him. He got free the next morning after a huge number of people called for his release, including human rights organisation amnesty international.

Some notes on his arrest:
1. He was arrested by apparently paid thugs, later the group „We are sorry Mr. President“ declared themselves responsible for arresting him, a group openly on side of the former regime, Mubarak and the NDP.
2. Amr is quite tall and has very long hair. When being arrested the group mentioned called him „gay“ for the long hair, not a man, crying etc. they apparently beat him badly and pulled him by his hair through the street.
3. They called him a member of the 6 april movement and a spy – following the accusations the SCAF made against the protesters before. Since arresting the „spy“ Ilan Grapel some weeks ago, the SCAF intensified its propaganda against the protests being organized and paid by „enemies“ from outside. In his statement from last week he accused for the first time a specific group – 6april movement – of being agents of forces from outside, trying to spread chaos and instability in Egypt. The „We are sorry Mr. President“ group put fake pictures on their Facebook-Site showing Amr beside the „spy“ Ilan Grapel.
5. Amr got free after one night, mainly due to the pressure of his friends and supporters. The spontaneous campaign supporting him through Twitter, Facebook etc. it seems was the best protection he could get.

MORE July23: Attack of Abbasiya

Saturday afternoon a huge march against military rule started from Tahrir Square, Cairo, and went to Abbasiya in Heliopolis, the part of Cairo where most of the military institutions are located, including the headquarter of the military council (SCAF) and the ministry of defense. July 23 is the day of celebration of the 1952 Revolution when President Nasser and the Armed Forces came to power.

In Abbasiya, at 7pm, the march was suddenly stopped by military police with barbed wire.

Army barricades

At the same moment people surrounding the protesters started from one moment to the other throwing stones and attacking them with knives and molotov coctails. The army apparently surrounded the protesters so they had no chance to leave. Many of them tried to find shelter in a mosquee nearby, apparently the riot police CSF fired teargas at them. Others report there was only a small sidestreet left to get out, thugs were gathering in the streets waiting to catch protesters who tried to get out and beat them up. It seemed that they were also waiting around the two metro stations nearby to catch protesters who tried to get back to the square.

Very good video from Al-Masr Al-Youm and second one from OnTV:

After 9pm the situation calmed down. When ppl gathered again and shouted against the army, the military police fired tear gas. Around 10pm most ppl left.
Warnings: In Abbasiya thugs everywhere in side streets, try to arrest everybody who looks like a protester. Blogger @nazlyhussein is watching how the thugs were supervised by an army officer – he pointed at certain protesters and they went to catch them.

People trying to get back to Tahrir. Situation there seems to be calm.

BBC reports about 150 injured. The ministry of health said 25 person are in the hospital, 120 had to be treated on the scene – it can be expected the number will be higher in some hours.

Update (1:40 am): The health ministry now speaks of 269 injured. Reports of 2 dead, not confirmed. Protesters on Tahrir tell that a lot of injured people arrive there, some severely injured, they were afraid to go to hospitals or doctors and will be treated on the square. According to lawyer many people were arrested.

(Bad) News from SCAF

Since Friday the SCAF published two new statements – and General Tantawi hold a speech on TV for the 23rd of July, day of the military takeover of Nasser 1952.

Statement Nr. 69:

    The SCAF was always on side of the revolution and the prosters and in the last days, it took a lot of good decisions, and all the measures are taken to meet the demands of the protesters and the egyptian people. But there are still people complaining and going on with protest – because these decisions may be good for the country, but they are not good for some political groups that follow a secret agenda and start spreading rumours and create problems between army and people […]
    1. It is not true that the army used force against the protester in Ismalia or Suez or in any other place

    2. The 6 – april movement attemps to create problems between the army and the egyptian people. […]

    3. The SCAF calls all the people to be careful and not to follow such attemps and resist all of them.

    THE GOD Bless us .

For the first time the army is accusing directly one group of spreading chaos and dividing army and people. The 6-april-movement and the protesters in Tahrir Square objected these accusations, a march went around Tahrir Square in the evening, people were chanting „Hey General, we are all 6th of april!“

more coming in some hours…

Protesters under attack I – Friday

The peace on the square lastet two weeks – now its seems it is over and it’s happening what so many ppl on the square feared for days. Yesterday, Friday, protesters in Alexandria and Suez were attacked by the armed forces. In Cairo a solidarity march left Tahrir Square in the late evening, several thousands marched to the headquarter of the military council (SCAF) .

The army blocked the way with tanks and armed vehicals and shot in the air to disperse protesters – the shots can be heard on thisvideo.

march friday night to Abbasiya, source: RASS

The people of the neighborhood of Abbasiya, Helippolis, joined the army and helped to drive to protesters out, they were shouting „traitors, traitors!“ to the demonstrators. Around 3.30 am (Saturday morning) the protest was dispersed.