Revolution Jan25 – pics & songs:
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January 25th, first huge protest
a famous video of a young man standing in front of a water cannon – in fact there are reports of young people who decided to join the protests after they had seen these Tianmen-like pictures

January 28th, second day of huge protests, many injured or dead
video-reportage and video of the bridge battle (protesters fight their way over the two Nil-bridges protesters to join the protests in Tahrir)

February 2d/3rd, „Camel battle“
The day before Mubarak gave a speech that convinced a huge part of the society (mainly older people) to stop protesting – parents called their kids to tell them to come home. Many people left. About 10 000 were still on the square, when thugs attacked with molotov coctails, guns and stones. 14 hours of battle. When pictures of the attack became public the next day, many of those who had left came back – the defence of the square in that night was crucial to win the revolution.
Reportage on Al-Jazeera, a video that shows the singer Ramy Essam and the attack of the thugs, and another report of Al-Jazeera

February 11th
Mubarak steps down/ Mubarak tritt zurück
Video 1,
Video 2
Video 3

March 9th
Three weeks after Mubarak left: The army attacked the camp on Tahrir Square, together with thugs, arrested about 200 protesters and tortured them. The women are submitted to forced virginity tests. The arrested protesters are trialed in front of military courts, most of them just get free 3 months later.

The attack on the square, filmed from a flat closed to the square. The singer Ramy Essam, after being tortured in the Egyptian museum and Salwa Hosseini, reporting about what the forced virginity tests on women (both videos with translation)

April 9th
The 8th of april people gathered on Tahrir Square for one of the biggest demonstrations since Mubarak stepped back. Some army officers joined them. In the night several thousands tried to hold the square, at 3 am the army came in with several thousand soldiers and started firing among the people, several died.
The attack can be seen in a good Al Masr Al Youm„>video reportage from Al-Masry Al-Youm and a series of videos filmed from a balcony beside Tahrir (1, 2, 3, 4).

more coming soon

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